Editorial Policy.

In every community, OrangeWip aims to be an independent voice in service to entrepreneurs and the ecosystems that support them. We emphasize stories and angles that honor all aspects of the entrepreneurial journey, inspire founders at every stage, and expand the conversation around innovation and innovators. In publications including local Innovates digital digests and the Hello Chaos Podcast, OrangeWip prioritizes honest conversations about the joys and challenges of entrepreneurship, over the tidy business stories you might see elsewhere. While they may range from informal to irreverent, we’re serious about dialing in on specific topics to help people solve problems and take next steps on their entrepreneurial journey. 


What We Cover

Our primary content is firsthand stories from company founders at any stage of their journey, sponsor spotlights created in partnership with a limited number of sponsors, and resource listings created in-house. All content should be actionable or inspiring to the entrepreneur; we strive constantly for both. We strive for diverse, inclusive storytelling. We reflect this in the people whose stories we amplify, as well as the nature of how we cover new and familiar topics. As a publication born out of an existing entrepreneurial community and a need to strive to continue building community, we proudly highlight people with whom we have had prior professional connections. Staff and contractors are expected to abide by all applicable laws and media ethics standards.


Sponsored Content

OrangeWip is funded by a limited number of sponsors comprised of organizations within each region’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. They may include, but are not limited to, nonprofits, for-profit business organizations, educational organizations, and economic development organizations. We confer with our partners to discern which of their resources, news, etc. are of most value to our audiences, and the best delivery format. OrangeWip retains final say on sponsored content, which is clearly labeled or attributed. 


Gifts, Invitations, and Rewards

No employee or affiliate creating work under the auspices of OrangeWip is permitted to receive any gifts, invitations, awards or other benefits in exchange for coverage. Gifts and invitations must be openly disclosed and offered to OrangeWip or its affiliated companies, not to individuals.