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“What is the best possible life people could live?” Leave it to a founder to try and answer a question as big as this one. That would be Steve Whigham, founder of the Whigham School for Advanced Multicultural Engagement. The two-year college will turn study abroad into the main event as each student cohort travels to six continents and learns just as many languages. Steve talks with J.J. and Jenno about how he deals with fears and musters the courage to leave a long and successful marketing career to help change young people’s lives for the better. Oh, and make it affordable. Easy, right?

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Founders, make your move.

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How To Mentor for Growth

One way they’ve chosen to grow capacity is by apprenticing promising staff. In fact, that’s how Barnes and co-founder Matthew Morely grew into the business before founding a ...
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How to Give Big without Burnout

Early in business-building, GoodUnited co-founder Jeremy Berman also jumped into ...
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How To Give Big without Burning Out

Show business is a busy business.
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The Most Impactful Gift? Trust.

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How many things have gone the way you expected this year? Probably not that many. That’s ...

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How many things have gone the way you expected this year? Probably not that many. That’s because ...
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Find Your Next Rockstar - Greenville

No matter what industry you’re in, you and your fellow founders are probably talking about how hard ...
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Tracking Cybersecurity Talent

Two videos offer help and clarity