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Executive Editor

Jennifer Oladipo

Jennifer Oladipo brings nearly 20 years of journalism experience and her own entrepreneurial spirit to OrangeWip and its platforms. With a track record of writing investigative and feature stories for both daily newspapers and national business publications, as well as a TEDx presenter and conference organizer, she knows not only how to tell a story but what motivates and matters to her audiences. Just like OrangeWip™ itself, her copy cuts through the clutter and her editorial vision drives progress and connection.

Over the course of her career, Jennifer has covered all aspects of business for companies of all sizes and sectors, but she’s also written for arts, lifestyle and environmental publications with an emphasis on community journalism. This varied background allows her to cut through the typical business speak to offer meaningful content that speaks to each reader.

Most importantly, Jennifer herself is also an entrepreneur, so she knows what matters most to this group. She has run her own writing and consulting business for several years, experiencing the usual trials and triumphs and discoveries and setbacks, while trying to navigate growth and scale. This personal experience is reflected in all OrangeWip™ content and platforms – from the cutting-edge digital digests and on the Hello Chaos™ podcast – to unlock and ignite the entrepreneurial spirit and partner in the journey from A-ha! to Oh, Shit! and back again.

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Founder & Publisher

Jennifer Sutton

Jennifer Sutton gets business. After years of working in the agency world where she helped companies of all sizes and types grow and thrive through effective marketing and advertising campaigns, she jumped into the entrepreneurial fray head-first in 2013, founding integrated marketing firm BRIGHT+CO Marketing.

As a direct result of working closely with several business development agencies and business incubators and serving as a coach and mentor for minority-owned and small business groups, Jennifer saw a distinct and pervasive need in the market, across all sectors and geographic areas, for a dedicated platform to not only support entrepreneurs and founders but to connect them to the resources they need and to one another creating a sense of camaraderie and shooting straight on key challenges they face on their journey – the good, the bad, and the ugly. From this idea, OrangeWip™ (Work in Progress) was born.

With nearly 30 years’ experience in brand management, strategic planning, media and stakeholder communication strategies, digital architecture, and market research and analysis, Jennifer is uniquely positioned to offer her fellow entrepreneurs and those who work with them – such as economic development groups, cities and government agencies, educational institutions, and investors – the insight, assets and platform they need to educate, engage and promote themselves.

Just as it was with BRIGHT, Jennifer’s vision for OrangeWip™ is to help changemakers work in a more agile and technologically savvy way, ensuring their success by embracing what’s new, what’s next and what’s possible and celebrating the entrepreneurial experience – every move, every triumph, every obstacle.

Community Manager

Jarrod Orange

We were thrilled when Jarrod Orange (it was meant to be!) joined our national roster in the role of Community Manager, where he'll be hustling to help us continue to meet our ambitious sales and city-by-city expansion goals.

Yes, it’s his real name. No, the company isn’t named after him or any of his relatives. He just came pre-packaged with the right branding.

Like almost everyone on our team, Jarrod has walked the talk of starting a business (ask him about lessons from his fencing school failure). He also brings to the team his broad range of sales experience and a 100% sincere cheerleader energy. As a startup, we seriously needed both.

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Insights Coordinator

Dylan Jeffress

Dylan started with our team as an intern with our sister company, BRIGHT+CO in 2019. As Insights Coordinator for OrangeWip™, he assists the editorial and sales teams with all digital activities, supporting the content development of the media products.

He also uses his talents to support the editorial and social media teams by developing and editing the video content for the Hello Chaos™ Podcast and for the various social media platforms.

He’s an extremely valuable member of the team… and a really cool guy.